I am a health conscientious breeder registered with the Raad van Beheer and FCI.
"Health & Temperament stand above all

How we got to choose this breed:

In 2003 we bought our first pup, Ruby. Not yet looking into which breed of dog we would want, we went to a place in Baarle Nassau with friends.
They were oriëntating for a dog. But when we seen a pup with a terriër-like appearance we fell in love.
Unfortunately we didn't know much about the American Staffordshire Terrier back then or about the rules that are set here in Holland for this race.
The company where we bought Ruby claimed that she was of this breed, they showed us she had a chip, there would be a pedigree etc.
The smooth talkes of these kind of salesmen (I don't have another word for it unfortunately, cause they are not breeders, that's for sure!) are known
all around by now. We got fooled and 6 weeks later we had nothing but tears, heartache and sorrow, when our sweet Ruby unexpectedly past away.

In my pursuit for a genuine Amstaf, I turned to Dogshow Exhibitions to ensure that the quality we looked for, was indeed that.

We encourage the interaction with the Amstaf when people are considering ownership of the breed.
What works for us may not work for others:

Learn it for yourself! Of course be open to suggestion &Try to keep an open mind.

Acquiring your Amstaf could take you to foreign countries, new places, new faces

How ever you chose to follow your endeavours, make your own opinion in your future companion.
If you are not convinced that you have made the right decision, there is nothing from
stopping you from restarting your search, from the beginning.

People purchasing the American Staffordshire Terrier often learn by trail and error.
The Pitbull type is not everybodys cup of tea.
Get your hands on one & know the breed you want, before you get it.