Mica showresultaten

International Outdoor Dogshow

Uden 29th of June 2008


The following was stated in her report: Good proportion & condition, feminine head,
could have more temperament (this due to her fake pregancy), good topline & body,
correct angulations and moves very well. No placing
Judge: Mevr. R. Kadike

Internationale Rassehunde Ausstellung
Saarbrucken, Germany 11th of May 2008

Mica was placed SECOND with an EXCELLENT
Judge: Mr. F. Devitt
from Frankrijk

Dortmund, Germany Sunday 4th of May 2008

Mica was placed SECOND with a Reserve CAC out of 5 entered females.
Judge: Mrs. B. von Kralik from Germany

International Dog Exhibition
Hoogstraten Belgium, Saturday 5th of January 2008

THIRD place out of 5 contesting females, of which one was disqualified.
Judge: Mr. B. Chapiro from France

International Dog Exhibition

Wijchen, Monday 17th of December 2007

Mica got FOURTH place out of 8 contesting females.
Judge: Mrs. A.C.M. Kersbergen

International Championship Exhibition
RAI Amsterdam 24th of November 2007


a did not get placed out of the 15 females that entered.
Judge: Mrs M. Huber from America

International Dog Exhibition
Bleiswijk 4th of November 2007

Judge Mrs J. Bode-Meerberg placed Mica FOURTH with an EXCELLENT
from the nine females that entered.

International Championship Exhibition
Zwolle 7th of October 2007


From the 11 females that entered Mica unfortunately did not get placed.
She got a very nice report with an EXCELLENT.
Judge: Mrs C. Kerssemeijer

Clubmatch ASTCB
Winksele, Belgium Sunday 30th of September 2007

Judge Mr Benny Blid von Schedvin from Sweden has placed
Mica THIRD with a EXCELLENT from the 14 females she went up against.

International Dog Exhibition
Oostende, Belgium Saturday 22nd of September 2007
Mica was placed THIRD with a EXCELLENT out of the 5 females that entered,
judged by Mr Lokodi Zsolt from Romenia

National Zuchtschau,
Leipzig Sunday 9th of September 2007

Judge Mr O. Lothary from Germany Mica was placed FIRST
with an EXCELLENT and became BEST FEMALE, CAC


International Zuchtschau,

Leipzig Sat
urday 8th of September 2007

Judge Mrs S. Würgatsch from Germany placed Mica SECOND
with an EXCELLENT and named her Reserve Best Female, CAC-CACIB


International Championship Exhibition,
Rotterdam 25th of Augustus 2007

Judge Mr P. Muntean from Romenia gave Mica an EXCELLENT
and a beautiful rapport, but unfortunately no placing this time.

Sint-Romboutscup Int. Dog Exhibition,
18th of Augustus 2007 Mechelen, Belgium
-- --

Mr A. Rojo Fajardo from Spain was supposed to judge, but through illness he was replaced by Mr De Weijer. He placed Mica SECOND with an EXCELLENT
out of the 6 females that entered.

Because Parastone's Little Miss Patriot was chosen best female,
Mica was allowed to have a run for the reserve place, but that place was
also conquered by Parastones.

Int. Dog Exhibition,
Berghem 11th of Augustus 2007

Now fully recovered and no case of "being fake pregnant" anymore,
Mica finally got placed again, by judge Mr M.M. Weeks.
She received a FOURTH place out of 8 females with an EXCELLENT.


4th of Augustus 2007 Leuven, Belgium


Again Mica did not get placed out of the 6 females that entered, this time
judged by Mrs Rossier. She gave her a VERY WELL.

Golden Dog Trophy,
22nd of July 2007 Liège (Luik), Belgium

In this open class 11 females were "judged" by Mrs L. Steer from Romenia.
Two of the females, one of them was Mica, got disqualified.

National Championship Exhibition,
Echt 30th of June 2007

Mica was not placed out of the 7 females who were judged by Mrs M. Persson,
she did get an EXCELLENT again with a very good rapport.

Brussels Dogshow,
23rd of June 2007 Brussels, Belgium

Mica's first foreign show gave as result a VERY WELL and no placing
under judge Mr T. Leenen from Belgium.

Almere 17th of June 2007

9 Females entered in open klasse, who were judged by
Mrs Reijniers from Belgium. She unfortunately didn't place Mica
and only gave her a VERY WELL.

Pinkstershow Rijnhal,
Arnhem 28th of May 2007

Mica run against 12 females in open class. She did not get placed,
but did get an EXCELLENT from judge Mrs Van de Meeberg.

Int. Dog Exhibition,
Goes 21st of April 2007

After a resting periode to recouperate after a traumatic wound
on the inside of her left upper leg, Mica fortunately could start
going to show again almost fully recovered
The judge, Mr P. Roosenboom, placed Mica THIRD with an EXCELLENT.


International Exhibition,
Eindhoven 2nd of February 2007

Mica was placed SECOND with an EXCELLENT.