Chasca showresults

International Dogshow,
Goes 21st of April 2007


Judge P. Roosenboom unfortunately did not place Chasca,
but she did have an EXCELLENT again and a beautiful rapport.

Int. Championschips exhibition in Ahoy,
Rotterdam 27th of August 2006

Chasca got placed SECOND again, but this time with a VERY WELL.
She had a nice rapport again. This was the last show for Chasca for now.
We are going to focus on the MAG-test and her first breeding now.

Flevodogshow, Almere 25th of June 2006

She got placed SECOND (out of three) in the youngdogclass with an EXCELLENT


In her rapport was mentioned: attractive bitch, good size, racetypical lined bitchhead, scissored teeth, good neck, good riblining, fraction to long and correct build backhand.

Pinkstershow, Arnhem 5th of June 2006

Chasca was placed FIRST in the youngdogclass with an
EXCELLENT and good rapport.

Because of that she was allowed to go to the next round for best bitch in show.
In this round she could not win amongst Olaf Verhorevoort who showed
"Strictly Woman from Gillians Home".

Youngdogday from the ASTCH, Rheden 7th of May 2006

There where quite a few dogs in the youngdogclass and unfortunatly Chasca did not get placed. She got a VERY WELL, but still had a nice rapport. In her rapport was mentioned (among other things): good teeth, dark eye with beautiful expression, good developed body, good developed ribs, good bone and backfeet, correct coat, condition and muscles.