1. The International Breeding Regulations of the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) are binding on all member countries and contract partners.

· These FCI breeding regulations apply directly to all FCI member countries as well as the contract partners. This means that breeding may only be carried out with
pedigree dogs which have a sound temperament, are healthy in functional and hereditary terms and are registered with a studbook or register (appendix)recognised by the FCI.
In addition, they have to fulfil the requirements specified bythe relevant FCI member or contract partners.
· The only dogs which are considered to be healthy in hereditary terms are those transferring breed standard features, breed type and temperament typical of that
breed without displaying any substantial hereditary defects which could impair the functional health of its descendants.
The members and contract partners of the FCI are required in this regard to prevent any exaggeration of breed features in the standards which could result in impairment of the dogs' functional health.

Regels voor de rassen American Staffordshire Terrier Nederland.
Ter preventie van ongewenst agressief gedrag binnen rashondenpopulaties is het verstrekken van stambomen voor de rassen American Staffordshire Terrier
gekoppeld aan de voorwaarde van een voldoende MAG test.
Dit betekent dat voor het aanvragen van stambomen voor een nest pups van deze rassen de beide ouderdieren de MAG-test (gedragtest) met goed gevolg moeten hebben afgelegd.
Voor meer informatie over het afleggen van de gedragtest en de voorwaarden kunt u contact opnemen met de erkende rasvereniging van het desbetreffende ras.
Helaas niet meer bij The American Staffordshire Terrier Club Holland.

Translation:BSL mandate
In the prevention of unwanted or undiserable aggressive behaviour within the purebred dog population,That in order to reproduce a litter of American staffordshire terriers,
The Parent or Parents registered in the Netherlands MUST first successfully pass a social behaviour or aggression test known as the "Magtest"

1985 - 2010, The A.S.T.C.H no longer supervises or organises its own Magtest!

Photos of Chasca Passing the OFFICAL Magtest

Magtest & Ring training with Fran Daiz (Chasqui Kennel 2007.)

Socialisation is key, For a successfull healthy relationship with our dog!!

If your dog displays fearfullness, fright, Aggression or intimidation by Inaminate Objects, then it's time you did something about it!